Your goddess

Would you touch me?

I know I don’t have a faultless body; I don’t have the breasts you crave, those that will challenge your rawness, those that will harden for more. I lack the center that will lurk you in, the one that you can feast on- devour, the one that will drip in longing. I’m missing the features you fantasize about, you lust for- the slick and soft teasers you demand, but would you let me shake up your world? Would you let me tear you apart and love every piece so damn hard? Would you let me be everything you’ve ever wanted and wished for so deeply?

As damaged and blemished as I am, would you inhale through my soaring libidinous urge to misbehave, and feel the pinch of my compulsions lingering through every inch of you? Would you come finger my longing and quench my hunger? Would you drink me to lessen my thirst and fulfill my most corybantic desires? Would you let me be the divinity that will take you higher, beyond all your boundaries and composure?Would you paint my imperfections and turn me into a masterpiece?

Would you dare to worship a flawed goddess? Or will you run, clever boy?









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